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ROI is your ticket to freedom

Are you tired of the Same ROI?

Would you like a positive ROI? Try this….

I am here to share with you!

I enjoy being alive ~ Life is a miracle! Take a breath with me and experience this miracle called your life.

Let me begin by sharing that life for me is a spiritual adventure. My sincerity is my spiritual credentials. Everyone is responsible for their own reality.

My intention is to share only things that have been through the fires of my own practice.  Check out my video about practice.

I invite you to explore ROI with me. When people speak of ROI, they naturally think of Return on Investment. Having positive return on investments is important in terms of business operations. However, for this conversation, we are going to move past returns and began a new focus. What exactly is this new ROI focus?  The new focus is on Realizing Opportunities for Introspection. Let’s look closer.

The R in ROI s for Realization

The realization is to begin to see yourself with a new set of eyes. These eyes are beyond your physical eyes. I like to refer to this vision as your spiritual eyes. Spiritual vision is one where you can begin to look at your self with fewer judgments. Judgements are opinions we create about ourselves and others. The stories we tell ourselves are filled with judgments. Some say we have good and bad Judgements, however, all judgments are devices we use to separate self from who we really are as spiritual beings. In other words, our judgments are opportunities to explore deep unresolved issues. Unresolved issues are things that disturb our peace.

Affirm Yourself

One major issue that disturbs our peace is fear. There is really nothing to fear ever.   Many judgments we have are based on some fear we have about a particular situation. Fear,is us making judgments of good/bad, right/wrong, valuable/invaluable. Fear holds back growth.  Growth is one of our major purposes for being here on this plane of existence.  We are here to realize ourselves as spiritual beings have a physical human incarnation. Realize your judgments and fears are holding you back from opportunities.

The O in ROI is for Opportunities

That’s right every day we have opportunities to grow and affirm our innocence. We are each innocent.  Every day we want to affirm our peace of mind and innocence. We are here to take advantage of opportunities to embrace right mindedness. Right mindless is to recognize the opportunity to forgive ourselves.  Self-forgiveness is our purpose. Until we forgive, remember the loving good, we cannot be free of fears, guilt, and judgments. How do we go about doing this process?

The I in ROI  is for Introspection

Introspection is an inner technology used by super heroes. We are all super heroes because we are here and in possession of inner powers.  These powers are found from introspection.  There is no other way, If we don’t seek whats inside of us, we will not find it. We are designed by nature to look internally to interiorize who we are as spiritual beings.  Take the time each day to introspect is the work of kings because as kings and queens we will eventually discover is we are entitled to the highest vibrational reality possible.  We are here to realize our true spiritual nature.  We are the embodiment of divinity itself.  We can only discover this by taking a look within with our consciousness.  Have the courage to take the time to introspect who you are, why you are here and what you are here to do.  We are all here for a divine purpose if you can find it. You purpose if for you to discover and share.

Another way to perceive ROI was explored in this article. Realize Opportunities for Introspection.  We want to realize that this life is more than just the bottom line. Life is a miracle and your life is a gift. This life is about realizing that you can free yourself from judgments and useless fears and live a life filled with inner peace in all situations. Take advantage of every opportunity to experience right mindedness and peace of mind. These qualities of life are priceless is your human experience. Give this ROI a try and see for yourself what your experience. Finally to introspect and evaluate yourself every day. She what is going on inside of yourself. You are entitled to the full expression of yourself  We are here to have a positive ROI and it starts with seeing your life with more than just the bottom line.

With people  I work with I reminder that I am innocent, you are innocent and that we are innocent.

The greatest knowledge on the planet is knowledge of self and of the universe. I am one who can assist you to explore and know this for yourself. This knowledge of self is the door to your ultimate freedom. We are here to increase our receptor genes and to up level our health and to live vibrantly. We must learn techniques, strategies, and tactics to strengthen our awareness in order to bypass the homogeneous consciousness paradigm. Many are called few are chosen. Learn more about working with me to shape shift your life.  Have an awesome day!

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