Teenage Basic Right to Dream

Basis Rights of Teenagers

This is a lesson on the basic rights of teenagers to dream. Recall when you were a teenager—what was your dream? What did you want to do, be and have? Are you living that dream now? Teenagers have the basic right to dream their own dream and they need your help.

We all have an unfolding life purpose— especially teenagers. There lives are not cluttered with too many unresolved issues. This time of life if used wisely can put them on path of discovering their life purpose and deep heart felt dreams. Let’s take a look at a few teenage basic rights for teenagers to dream.

Basic Right number one

Teenagers need to know that they are seen and heard from a space of loving essence, by an adult. It has been said, the first duty of love is to listen They also need to know they are encouraged to share how they feel and that expressing their feeling in a rational way is a sign of maturity and contribution.  They also need to understand that just because they are being heard and seen does not mean that they are being totally agreed with or getting their way.

Basic Right number two

A teenager needs to receive unconditional leadership from an adult. This leadership takes the form of assuring teenagers that success and happiness are natural for them. They also need to know that harmony inside themselves and outside of themselves is a must. Prosperity, health, physical fitness, a happy and joyous life with plenty of good friends is theirs for the claiming. They need to know that they are the master of their destiny. Other leadership contributions include teaching teenagers the laws of life, which states that one has power to attract any situation into their lives that is not harmful to self or others. No matter how many times one may fail, it is the leadership of an adult to encourage teenagers to try one more time. The last suggested Basic right of teenager is to learn a success formula.

Basic Right number three

We are all designed to build our own life in our own way in accordance with our own ideas and desires. Teenagers not only need to know this, but they need a formula that can be used throughout the rest of their life.  What teenager’s need are strategies for success. They need a step-by step process designed to teach them self-mastery skills. These skills include making a list of dream possibilities and learning how to prioritize the steps into practical everyday inspiration or finding a mentor in their chosen field and studying with them.

As the mentoring adults please accept this invitation to demonstrate to your teenager, you care about enhancing their growth and development. Give your teenager an opportunity to step up to a new level of success as they become mature adults. Give your child a copy of this simple step-by-step manual and sit down with them and explore opening their creative mind. This priceless journey will open up new doors of conversations and possibilities for your family.

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DREAM with your teen!

Teenagers love excitement and high energy. Share the dream formula with a teenager and watch exciting miracles happen. The dream formula is simple and designed to empower teenagers with new communication skills and life skills.

Get Determined!

Discuss with your teenager some ideas about what type of project they would like to focus on.  This project could be an inner project like being more confident or expressing feelings in a rational manner or an external project like training to make a sport team or organizing their room.  Determine the project and be determined to complete the project from start to finish.
See with Real eyes

See to it that your teenager sees this project through to its completion. Assist them to realize they are 100% responsible for the outcome they receive.  They must realize they are no longer victims .They are creators! Encourage your teenager to realize their infinite creativity. Assist them to see themselves with real eyes of  self-compassion, nurturing and reliance.


Everything in life is composed of energy, especially our relationship with our imagination. Our imagination is fueled by inner energy. Assist your teenager to tap into their unlimited source of creative energy and in their ability to dedicate themselves to a project they are passionate about. All good deeds require the investment of energy.

Attitude determines consciousness

Attitude is the collection of thoughts one has that affects their state of being. Our state of being is where we place our consciousness. Consciousness is what we focus on in thought, word and action. What are you teaching your teenager to be aware of as they go through their day? Teach teenagers to pay attention to the words, thoughts and actions they participate in everyday. The cost of greater self-awareness is an ability to respond with clarity, focus and maturity. In summary, Attitudes are thoughts that become matter that determines the outcome of one’s life. Attitude determines altitude. Think high thoughts of self and others. Dream with your teenager- Encourage them to fly invest in a dream session  for them.

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