What are you doing on the shortest day of the year?

Today is December 21, the shortest day of the year.  This day is known as a dark day, a day to get ready for the long winter.

The definition of this time is known as a noun-
 the solstice that marks the onset of winter, at the time of the shortest day, about December 22 in the northern hemisphere and June 21 in the southern hemisphere.
What is fascinating about this is the Ancient Kemet practice is that they knew the power of this time and they built their temples according.  Check out this webpage that shares more.   https://belsebuub.com/articles/the-spiritual-meaning-of-the-winter-solstice
Take some time today and for the rest of the winter to look within and to cultivate a inner practice where you can know you are connected to the one source of all life.
Have a happy day and know you are entitled to miracles.

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