coach selby table session

Join Coach Selby at the table for a session.

Working with Coach Selby is an opportunity to grow and evolve.

Before we totally agree and work together, let me share a few things about myself so you will know more about me….

In this blog, I share some of my thoughts about working with me.

What are some honest, unfiltered things about you?

I love myself and my own company. However, I realize that people and our relationships make things happen in the world. Nothing great happens in isolation. My life is filled with practices that support me to remain zen focused which allows for me to be deeply supportive to others.

I am a secret productivity weapon in the correct partnership.

All my life I have been a shining star and I believe we are all stars here to shine and do our work.

I enjoy working with people who are looking for mutually supportive relationships and who are willing to do their work. My role is to bring light to the situation ~ another  valuable perspective.

I am a lifelong learner. I enjoy learning and sharing what I discover through years of investigations and hands on experiences. Love to share with others who are willing to think out side of the box a little.

I trust everyone until they give me a reason not to.  I am a wolf in the way I move on earth. I believe rejection is protection and redirection to something better.

I am a person who goes into deep and meaningful relations. I am not a superficial guy.

What drives you nuts?

When I have to engage in small talk that is going no where. I prefer to have a meaningful connections than superficial ones.

When people can’t keep their word with themselves. I am pushed to see it as their call for love and for me to have compassion for them and to assist them to see things differently.

When people have private thoughts that I pick up psychically.

What are your quirks?

Sometimes my communication is not clear… I know what I mean, the person gets the gist of what I mean, but it comes across awkward.

I am a deep thinker and I value the power of the mind and I have learned to wait to be asked for my input before volunteering what I have to share.

How can people get goodie points with you?

People who are themselves (cool) and who are aware, conscious of themselves are worth gold to me.

I enjoy when I am supported and understood. I am all about word is bond~ the power of intention – yes keep your word.

Connect with me and join mind with me to the point where we  can walk the talk together and make our world a better place to be.

What qualities do you particularly value in people who work with you?

I enjoy a person who values themselves enough to value me and what we are co creating together.

They know they are receiving value for what they are paying me for.

I enjoy independent thinkers and action focused folks who want to get the project done happily.

Determined. Focused. Persistent.

Willing to do the inner work required to achieve their heart felt dreams.

People who utilize me and all my talents fully in our partnership.

What are some things that people might misunderstand about you that you should clarify?

My intensity is high and its just I am serious about being fully present and engaged in the moment.

Over the years, I have been volunteering excellent information, insight and consulting to folks who did not clearly ask for it or appreciate the value offered. Now I am at a point where I want to be sure I have permission to share authentically and that my input is requested.  This clear channel of communication allows for a much deeper connection and a greater opportunity for success.

I love what I am doing with my life and I am honored to share with those who are called to work with me at this time.  May our paths be filled with joy, prosperity and positive results.

How do you coach people to do their best work and develop their talents?

I allow.

I allow the natural process to take place. The process of achieving ones heart felt goals can take many forms. I am confident enough to allow each person the dignity of their own process as we move forward toward their goals. I do seize the opportunity for us to do deep dives that support the healing needed to achieve the goals.

Focused. Check out map of the qualities I bring forward to each person I work with.

I assist people to find their vision and keep their vision for themselves. Check out this chart for more information:

Are you keeping your Vision?

What’s the best way to communicate with you?

I love face to face, aura to aura whenever possible. Emails, phone Skype all works for me. Again I really like to go deep and get to the deeper connection no matter the medium.

What’s the best way to convince you to do something?

Share with me all the information and ask for what you want from me. I appreciate clarity in communication.

How do you like to give / get feedback?

I like to ask for permission and from that place, I do my best to share the truth as I perceive it. As a sports coach I had to learn to know how the player was receiving the information: auditory, Kinesthetic or visual and make the adjustments accordingly.

I like to receive feedback the say way I give it. With permission, this allows for me to receive the feedback. Although feedback it he breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions, its still requires tough skin to be able to take it.

Here is a great map again of the skill set you can expect from work with me. ~ Vision Keeper map  describes  how we have fun together growing and evolving. You can expect me to provide a clear overview of the potential, insight on ROI from your marketing ( self-development process), strong administration support, useful insight and oversight, capacity to get the project compete and commitment to deep and meaningful experiences and relationships.

I like to make it clear that I Do have a honorable  fee for my services arrangement.

Please understand I am here to do business. My intention is to assist you the best I can by providing you the best products and service I believe can help you and your business grow.  This growth  opportunity with me includes using innovative products and services for your mind, body and spirit which are designed to increase your consciousness, awareness, capability and energy. For fee details click here.