It’s Hot! – Are you Wet?

Share Liquid Love with yourself

Share Liquid Love with yourself

It’s summer and its really hot. Are you making sure you are hydrated on the inside?

Here are 3 tips to making your summer more fun and wet.

#1. Make sure you have plenty of water available to drink. The highest quality drinking water is distilled. However, the goal is make sure your space is filled with enough water to make sure you can see the abundance. Seeing an abidance f water will remind you that you body can use a little and you will take a minute and drink. I like to suggest drink enough water until you feel wet inside.

#2. Add some color to your life. Have you ever notice all the different colors of soft drinks these days? They come in dark brown, highlight yellows and bright reds. All of these liquids are destructive chemical cocktails that will make yo more dehydrated then hydrated. The color drinks I am suggesting could be a deep orange carrot juice, or a vital green drink or a pink lemonade to name a few. Give your body some color and remember to stay away from the high fructose corn syrup flavored liquids.

#3 Eat something wet. My favorite wet foods this summer are watermelon and orange juice. I love juicing my seeded watermelons. I have tried the melon with a twist of lime and one with mint. Yum. I also have been doing oranges juice, pure delight. Finally I have been eating cucumbers and celery. They have been so calling and refreshing.

Well, make sure you keep more then enough water around in your space, preferably distilled. Try drinking some natural fruit drinks that have some vibrant colors and eating some foods that are wet. I am sure this will be a pleasure for your body to enjoy during this hot summer period.

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