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Every Loving Thought = You


Did you know … that every loving thought you have is making the place you live a better place to be?

As I work with more and more people, I am coming to realize that every thought we have is a loving thought. I hear you saying some folks don’t have loving thoughts — They be hating — right?

We here is another way to look at this. If the thought is not loving, what is it?

A call for love. It’s a call for love, a call for help. A call for a hand to see things differently.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were doing your best and it just seemed like the other wanted to make sure your best was not good enough?

This my friend is a call for love. They saw you being your best and they just wanted to join you but did not exactly know how to meet you there. So they hated on you.

What is the next thing to do?  See that what just happen is a call for help and help them if you can. If you can’t be of assistance to bring them happiness. Leave. Leave the scene and establish a new reality.

With this new reality, are you willing to make it a loving experience for yourself? If not I will share the guilt free pill with you on another blog.

You are the absolute essence of love. You are whole perfect and complete, just as you are and you innocent forever. Thanks for reading and I hope you think more thoughts of love about yourself and your community.

Enjoy your visit to this site, my intention is to be a portal for you to explore how great and awesome you are in your natural beauty.

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