Are you developing your players correctly?

player development

player development

Basketball Player Development is an over looked part of parents long term plan.

As a lifestyle motivation coach and lover of basketball training. My role with people is to assist them in getting the most out of what they desire for themselves. However, I am always amazed at how parents fall for the hoop dreams for their child (student/ player) without thinking through the entire picture.

My goal for sharing this blog is to shed some insights into what it takes to really have you student athlete prepared to be a scholarship athlete.

Basic Basketball Skills

Yes that is correct. I have seen many want to be D1 players not have any fundamental basketball skills.  We are talking how to run, shot, pass and dribble.  Although these skills are basics, one can not build their skill set unless they have a high level of mastery of them. Have you athlete learn and master the basketball fundamentals and understand the importance of them in their life as an athlete.

Competitive vs. Recreational.

Know your players level of play.  Are they just a recreational player or or they competitive. Let’s explore the difference so you can know.  A recreational player may have moderate skill levels and acceptable mastery of the fundamentals. They can play the game of basketball and they have room for improvement, but will they develop these talents? Do they have the motor to train, are they mentally capable of developing deeper understandings of the games details and their own skill development? Do they have the desire to compete? And lastly for recreational player is do they have what it takes to be a competitive player.

The competitive player is one who knows that they want to play at their highest skill level and they are willing to get the necessary skill development.  They are willing to do the work to improve themselves and their game. They know the importance of getting reps, watching film and studying.  They know that in order to become a scholarship player they will need to have a high academic standard and a solid and effective work ethic.

The competitive player knows what it is going to take to make the high school team where as for the recreational player  making the high school team is a dream.  The role of the parent is to assist the player to determine what type of player they are and which path they need to pursue.  Once the family has a meeting about the type of player they are working with, they then can establish a plan of action that will include additional training and other preparations.

Develop skill to Scholarship Player level

Now that we know the importance of mastering the basketball fundamentals, snd determining level of play. The next area to understand is what does it take to become a scholarship player. A scholarship player is one who college coaches are interested in exchanging academic training for their basketball skills: a scholarship.

This scholarship contract is based on the player having the sophisticated basketball skill set required to play at the college level,  the work ethic and strong academics.

The scholarship player is one who does the work.  They do the weight training, the shooting of reps, the academic requirements and all the off court skills: injury prevention, nutrition, and the mental attitude development.

Parents need to know that if they want their player to receive a scholarship they must cover all the basis and make sure that the player is receiving training that is supportive and specific to the skill level and the long term goals. To believe in the dream that one’s player is good enough just because they play AAU all summer is a hoop dream.

Skill and player development is a must if they want a scholarship caliper player. They still does not guarantee a scholarship, but this type of system does give one a better opportunity to succeed as a student athlete.

Learn and master the basic fundamental basketball skills and be willing to look in the mirror regarding skill levels. Determine early as possible if your player is a recreational or competitive player.  Get the necessary and specific player training so they can be on track to be a potential scholarship player. Be willing to have a realistic view of what is possible for your player and make the right decision.  The future of your students athletes life depends on what you do to support them.

Learn more with us about how to develop a basketball giant. Developing a basketball giant is no accident. It is a systemic process that requires commitment, dedication and passion for the larger agreed upon goal. Your Student Athletes complete development is the goal.   Contact for more information.



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