Why Athletes need to Study  Sports Stretching?

Stretching before Basketball game with Coach Selby

Stretching before Basketball game with Coach Selby

Sports Stretching is a science worthy of understanding.

The movement of every muscle and joint is exact and specific. The body is a living, breath miracle.  An athlete’s body is whole perfect and complete and unlimited if taken care of properly.

Sports Stretching is Mathematical

The rhythmic nature of stretching is based on the subdivision of time into 1.5 to 2 second stretching that is more compatible to sport play.

Sports Stretching is a Secret Language

Most of the terms used in sports stretching are anatomical- but the real magic  is happening on a cellular level where each cell is communicating the goodness that is happening from the gosh of fresh blood.

Sports Stretching is Historical.

It has long been a part of sports history. The Neo~Science of Sports Stretching is make more effective the warm-up, recovery and rehabilitation of the body.

Sports Stretching is Physical Education

The sports stretching system requires coordination within the brain with every movement. Specifically the joint being stretched is physical education every single time. The physical education of sensing the body in space takes place plays out as coordination in play.

Sports stretching is Art.

Moving the body’s joints through a specific range of motion and sensing that movement is the art of stretching in action.  We are born to be both scientist and artist.

Why should stretching be studied?

Pregame stretching with Coach Selby

Pregame stretching with Coach Selby

Sports Stretching is the intelligent way to prepare your body for sporting activity.

The art of sport stretching is a beautiful practice and the science powerful because to know that you are taking care of your whole body is a great for confidence.



Sports stretching will develop a greater sensitivity to tight stiff areas that need additional movement and blood flow.


A sports stretching routine will bring you closer to doing all the things necessary to be prepared to do your best performance.

Sports Stretching is a life long skill that will create a safe practice that brings longevity and power.


Do You Find Yourself Saying: “I Wish I Knew How To Have More Rapid Recovery From Soreness, Pain And Stiffness”?

Group Stretch with StretchExpert

Group Stretch with StretchExpert