There is are no accidents in the Universe. None.

Everyday is a miracle because we are here and because we matter.  Each of us is unique and we are here to be who we are as these divine expressions. If you have forgotten who you are, then maybe we are to join and explore this reality?

What reality you ask?

The reality of correct perception, the reality of  heaven, the reality of knowing God’s plan,the reality of happiness, joy and peace and yes the reality of infinite abundance.

I work with people who are committed to awakening to who they are, who are committed to moving forward in their lives, internal and externally and who are not afraid of real change.

For many years, I have wandered the world looking for the magic of eternal happiness. instead what I found was a infinite pool of more every new possibilities. What I was searching for was inside of me in the depths of my river.  WE all have a river and it is deep and filled with infinite love, wisdom and possibilities.  What is needed is a way shower, a rainmaker, a change agent.

I take the response abilty of being these things for I know I am no thing without the other. It is when we join that we grow and expand. We are here to expand, love, grow and explore. Establish your claim!

Stuck in Life?

What to know where you are Stuck? Get into a relationship, join with another and you will see right away where you deadliest speed bumps are living. Outer experience is  a reflection of inner reality.  You reality is all about how you are perceiving what you are perceiving. The role of the other is to assist you in seeing correctly.  Would you like to see yourself with loving, innocent eyes and a deep caring heart?

If you are ready for a new interpretation of your life, then let’s talk about it.  My role is to assist you in seeing what does not matter and living a life that does. We are to going as like minds and stand for total fulfillment.

My prayer for you is that only the highest good for all concerned is the only reality that you ever experience.

If you would like a personal retreat contact me and we can explore this possibility. We can meet using technology or we can physically meet in some destination in the world that would support your currently reality. If you would like a small group retreat, we can also discuss this possibility.

Currently offers:

I trust that you only call forward into your life situation and circumstances that support your growth and awakening.  If this idea of a personal retreat feels good to you, take a step. If not I will not take it personally.

My guarantee to you is the following:  YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU WANT!