Can a heart centered approach to life help your bottom line?

Heart centered blue heartCan a heart centered approach to life help your bottom line?

As a heart-centered coach, my role is to assist those who are ready to experience more joy and fulfillment from their life. We accomplish this by partnering with a clear purpose. Our purpose includes knowing what a heart-centered life is all about. Why being a heart-centered person is good for health, business and life and how to become more heart centered. Let’s take a look at this in more detail.

What is a heart centered life?
A heart centered life is one that is filled with you being authentic with yourself. All areas of life are explored. Areas in life that are explored could be a physical environment, money, career, significant relationships, personal growth, mental, fun and recreation, health, family, and friends. The heart centered person investigates deeply what the true meaning of their life is for them in these areas. They work to resolve any issues that need attention. The authentic persons willing to do the personal work of waking up especially in areas that need attention. Living an authentic life is not for people who are not willing to dive deep into who they are as a soul here on the planet. Courage is required to living an authentic heart centered life.

Just focusing on net worth is not enough.
There are tons of people who are materially successful~ they have tons of money but perceive their lives as not totally fulfilling. We are all worthy of life. The life that we are living is a precious gift. What we create with this life is a gift to existence itself. Being creative and making a contribution to the world is important. However, who we are is not in anyway related to what we have or don’t have. This understanding does not negate the importance of being materially successful. But we must remember our self-worth is always whole and complete and in no way related to our net worth.

Do you have principles?
The authentic life is based on principles. Principles are a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning. The authentic person follows the fundamentals of working their psychological process. They have sought out the required skills to resolve things that disturb their peace. Anything that disturbs your peace would be considered an unresolved issue. The authentic one’s desire is to be at peace with all situations and filled with power to move forward in life with vim and vigor.

Word is Law.
The authentic one is fully aware of the power that their word and intention hold. Word is bond and is law. This is the power of understanding intention. The intention is a thing intended; an aim or plan. The intention, aim or plan of the authentic one is to be fully awake and live to be who we are here to be. The authentic one intends to heal areas of their life that have been neglected or misperceived. The intention to work one’s process is the highest form of service one can have for oneself. As a coaching, I align with the intention and support the process by providing the structure ( a safe container ) for the most optimal behaviors, routines, and results. We really set the intention to explore all opportunities for learning.

Why being hearted centered can make a difference in your life?
Living a heart centered life is a great opportunity to call forward a bigger truer self into all situations and in all areas of one’s life. Each person who explores who they are as a dynamic soul being had at their disposal powerful inner resources that can provide additional life energy to support them in being all that they can be as a spiritual being having a human experience.

How to become more heart centered?
I hope I have been able to share the value of committing to pursuing and living a heart centered life because a heart centered life is worth the time and energy. Now let’s take look at how one can go about this extraordinary growth opportunity. Number one as I mentioned already, know you are a spiritual being having a human experience. In order to fully actualize the highest qualities its essential to identify the inner qualities you desire. For example here are a few for you to consider.

The qualities that  I have called forward to my attention has been integrity confidence, courage, and discipline. Everyday I wake and I affirm these qualities as a part of my thinking throughout the day. The power of self-talk can not be over rated. The voice we hear the most is our own and we better make it as positive and affirming as possible. I also work to embody living in gratitude and appreciation for all of the life’s situations because the first law of success is gratitude and appreciation. Finally, I affirm my purpose: to establish deep and meaningful relationships that bring joy, power with less pain and suffering on the planet.

So what does all this have to do with the bottom line of your business and your life? Everything! The more loving and aware you are, the more you are available for all your life’s situations. YES!

Things are not always about the bottom line. Do not get me wrong, I value assisting individual and companies improve their bottom line. However, the bottom line is not the only essential line in life. The heart line is an area I explore with people I work with. It’s a mandatory path for those who are called to do this type of work. The heart line is that area in life where you access how you feel deeply. This does not work for the faint of heart. Requires courage and a willingness to look at self honestly.

The heart-centered approach to life helps the bottom line because each person that lives authentically knows who they are and the value they bring to all situations. When we can be present in all situations we have unlimited possibilities available to us to not only benefit the bottom line but to really be living a fulfilling life, one that brings joy, pleasure and a deep peace.

When we are complete with our life experiences on this plane, the only thing we move forward with is the intangibles things – matters of our heart. There is an ancient Egyptian image of a heart being weighed on a scale with a feather. What does that mean to you? This is an image that signifies the importance of having a pure heart, one that is focused on being a vessel for love. Love and truth are what matters, the real bottom line. Our net worth is not the most important bottom line even though we can live a comfortable material life. It is not the entire purpose for being here. We are here to learn, grow, evolve our consciousness as spiritual beings having human experiences. Remember we are more than a body and the heart is the center of our physical and spiritual being.

If I had to share one heart centered tip with you. The heart centered tip would be: be present to yourself and in all situation in your life. No excuses. What does that look like? Just being like a tree in the forest— there with every single root grounded and anchored in the moment of all that is going on. Give it a try and see how your heart feels. Know that there is more to the bottom line than meets the eye.
Learn more about exploring the heart centered life with me. I would be honored to explore with you how you could incorporate leading a more heart centered life. Read more here about how to do that with me.
Have a great day.

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