It’s Hot! – Are you Wet?

It’s summer and its really hot. Are you making sure you are hydrated on the inside? Here are 3 tips to making your summer more fun and wet. #1. Make sure you have plenty of water available to drink. The highest quality drinking water is distilled. However, the goal is make sure your space is

Summer: Your Time To Get Better!

Every year athletes have to make some very important decisions. The decision I like to remind them of is do you want to get better? Why? Why do you want to get better? Know your why will inspire and motivate you to do the things that are going to make you better. What Are The

Every Loving Thought

Did you know … that every loving thought you have is making the place you live a better place to be? As I work with more and more people, I am coming to realize that every thought we have is a loving thought. I hear you saying some folks don’t have loving thoughts — They