Welcome to Coach Selby

I give thanks for everything including you being here right now. Out of 7 billion people on the planet- we are here— there is no mistake— so I get to tell you something okay?

The presence is everywhere— let us touch and agree that all is well right here, right now. Right Where you are Good is unfolding.

I see you and thank you for being here and sharing this life experience with me.

We are called here to do work together.  My mission is simple:

To support you in discovering your one a of kind magnificence:

Life purpose, Meaning, Heart felt dreams and a High Quality of Life.

I am here to celebrate life and I appreciate you. We are entitled to miracles.

People ask me what does “We are entitled to miracles” mean?

We are entitled to another way of seeing this life experience. We can shift our perception~ how we see things-our self and our life experiences. For example, making the shift in your mind from fear based story to a love and forgiveness based reality. When we are able to respond with love and compassion in a situation, a miracle occurs.  The good life is all about correct perception. Seeing with the eyes of love is the practice of being prepared for miracles.

From ACIM: Ask for miracles whenever a situation arises in which miracles are called for. You will recognize these situations in which miracles are called for. And since you are not relying on your ego’s little “s” self to find the miracle, you are fully entitled to receive the miracle whenever you ask.

Are you ready for miracles?

Would you like to receive a gift? My gift to you for Just being you.. is an opportunity to experience what it is like to work with me. I like to call this time together our “Inspiration Session” where we take a look at  “How can that within us emerge?” and explore the possibility together of a shared bigger vision.

To learn more about meeting with me click here to set a meeting, Let’s do it. I look forward to meeting you.

I am so glad we got to talk to each other today…:)

Have an awesome day. You are entitled to miracles.